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We are providers of quality industrial lifting equipment throughout Vietnam. We provide goods lifting equipment to various industries across the country. We are backed by years of experience in the lifting and materials handling industry and great relationships with our customers and suppliers. We supply some of the most recognised brands in the goods lifting equipment industry throughout Vietnam.

We supply lifting equipment and pallet lifting equipment across Vietnam, servicing some of the largest warehousing and manufacturing businesses in the country. Our goods lifts and goods hoist lift systems are ideal for providing users with a solution to transferring goods between heights and levels. Goods hoist lifts can be used in warehouses, distribution centres, factories, car dealerships as well as in the self-storage industry. Goods lifts can improve the productivity and safety of your business whilst still being cost effective.

We provide an efficient and loyal service, and with continued investment in our service engineers through training we ensure they are always up to speed with technology on all manufacturers of materials handling equipment.

We know what our customers expect and we deliver on these expectations through loyalty, a high quality service and competitive pricing.


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Diesel forklift trucks are one of the toughest workhorses in the materials handling world, being suited to a wide range of unit loads and designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor work. Powered by a fuel that is both easy to get hold of and straightforward to use, engine forklifts perform extremely well in harsh environments, including those that are wet or dirty.


Electric forklifts are a quiet, environmentally friendly means of handling a wide range of unit loads including pallets, pallet boxes and stillages, giving you a comprehensive choice for any application. Designed primarily for use indoors, electric lift trucks are the perfect choice for any materials handling operation, from lifting goods in and out of racking to moving loads at ground level around a site.


LP gas powered forklift trucks present an excellent alternative to both diesel and electric counterbalance forklifts for a wide range of materials handling applications. In fact, in many ways they provide the best of both worlds without the main disadvantages of either.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for FORKLIFT TRUCKS & MATERIALS HANDLING SOLUTIONS.

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Brick, block and pipe comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why you need the right forklift for the job..

Whether for the preparation or handling of food and beverage, we have the right equipment for the industry.

Operating in narrow spaces, including narrow aisles, safely is a must when it comes to machinery..

In manufacturing plants, forklifts are used for a wide array of jobs. Check out our inventory of multi-purpose forklifts.

Inventory is always in a constant state of flux in freezer and cold storage applications. Your forklift shouldn’t be..

We sell and lease forklifts deigned for the heavy-duty and topographical challenges of the world of mining.

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